seo facts by SEOContestAtIIITHyderabad

Here are some more interesting facts about SEO (SEOContestAtIIITHyderabad)

1. Always try to keep unique content and you get good ranking believe this is what i found out at SEOContestAtIIITHyderabad

2.Consistency of correct ratio of keywords always help to increase your rankings

3. Cheating the search engine may give a hike in your results but in long run your site gets banned

4.You wont’ stay always on top forever but keep trying hard and remember SEO is not a single step process, it takes time

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  1. #1 by ruben on February 21, 2013 - 11:34 pm

    That is absolutely right,always use white hat SEO as it will make your site rewarded in time just be patient.

  1. Interesting SEO facts by SEOContestAtIIITHyderabad « SEOContestAtIIITHyderabad

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